Harris Performance Products in front with OneCNC

Harris Performance Products Limited UK designs, develops, manufactures and markets road and racing motorcycle chassis and components that are marketed in the UK and exported worldwide. Their Hertford UK based workshops have the facilities and expertise for working with ferrous and non ferrous metals, machining and welding, plus the design, development and manufacture of fiberglass and carbonfibre products, they produce a varied and extensive range of motorcycle components and accessories.

The manufacturing facilities use OneCNC Mill Professional and a Haas CNC Machining centre.

OneCNC UK Support visited Harris Performance to assist with further training assistance and to help to streamline machine processes on a new project in the process of manufacture.

Here you see one of the frame parts being processed in OneCNC CAD-CAM software.


This is part of the manufacturing workshop showing one of the machines which is a Haas CNC TM2 Machining Centre.

Colin Freeman is the CNC Machinist and Oliver Pearson is the designer pictured in front of the machine manufacturing the frame spar that was being processed in the previous picture.


Here is a picture of the frame spar in the final stage of manufacture on the Haas CNC TM2 Machining centre.


The next picture shows part of the completed spar and a view of the other side showing the 3D pocketing.


Here we can see the spar components in the process of assembly for the new GP2 600 Honda race bike, to race along side MotoGP.


This is another view of the expert engineering construction that is used to create a the Honda high performance bike.


The amount of work to design and manufacture these specialized bikes is really amazing as you can see from these pictures.


Harris Performance Products Limited
Unit 4 Fountain Drive
Mead Lane
SG13 7UB

It was a pleasure to visit the Harris Performance shop and assist, this is just part of the on-site service that OneCNC offers to all our users.

Renny Thomas
Application Engineer


Here is a link to their website:

Harris Performance

OneCNC Italy expands European base

OneCNC has continued its global expansion by opening a new OneCNC Italy office. OneCNC Italy is based in Vicenza Italy.

OneCNC Italy is conveniently located and provides an expansion of sales training and support for the region. Below you can see the OneCNC Italy training facility.


With over 25 years of experience and more than 16,000 installations worldwide, OneCNC is a leading provider of integrated, CAD/CAM solutions for general engineering, mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of CNC production parts.

OneCNC is committed to providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that streamline manufacturing efficiency, enable seamless collaboration with the users customers, and ultimately shorten product delivery time. The OneCNC product line includes the solutions for  design, 2.5 to 5 axes milling, 2 to 4 axes wire EDM, Lathe turn, Mill-turn, rotary index milling, and multi-task machining.

OneCNC's extensive distribution network serve and support customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer plastics, electronics, and other industries in over 35 countries from 16 global offices.

OneCNC will be exhibiting at EMO 2009 Milan Italy in 5-10th October Stand B21 Hall 9.

Devis Todesco who has had many years experience in the application of CAD-CAM and machine tools heads the OneCNC Italy team and can be found at the following contact address.

OneCNC Italy 
Via Capitoni, 1
36064 Mason Vicentino 

ph.:+ 39 393 438 3373 
fax: + 39 178 271 6215 
web : www.onecnc.it

The "Street Fighter" and OneCNC Express



The Street Fighter Store was originally set up in late 2002 for the simple reason that for our own projects we could not find high quality street fighter and custom accessories available anywhere in the UK (as the old proverb states: you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear) this rings very true when it comes to certain UK manufactured "street fighter/custom" parts of dubious quality and fitment.

Once located overseas these parts then proved hard to buy due to various hurdles such as the language barrier and difficult payment/delivery terms from foreign suppliers.

Then I decided to get into manufacture of my own parts, we purchased a Haas Mini Mill and OneCNC Express from OneCNC in UK.

Even though I had never machined parts before I found using OneCNC Express and the assistance in being trained by Peter from OneCNC I was soon making parts as you can see from my part pictures.


Using the power of OneCNC Express software even though it is the base version of their software is such a dream to use and understand which gave me the immediate confidence needed to make my parts on the CNC mill.

The truth is OneCNC has saved my business due to the problem of the financial crisis and currencies around the world changing making the imported costs higher but now I am manufacturing the parts myself for much less cost than importing them.

Matt Howe
The Street Fighter Store

Drop by my web and see my other products.

Street Fighter Store