OneCNC Opens New Technical Center in Australia

OneCNC CAD / CAM a division of QARM Pty Ltd. International Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM company has made its next step on the way of further expansion.


Recently in Australia OneCNC a new software specialist has been designed technical development center in Brisbane for 20 professionals. This new stand-alone multi-million investment includes providing a global support call center, training facilities, demonstration theater, and the art development facilities and ample on-site parking for staff and guests.


Commencing operations in 1988 OneCNC designs developed in the year and provides software for CNC manufacturing processes worldwide.

OneCNC was originally developed for the domestic Australian market and steadily expanded to become a major supplier. In 1999, a large OneCNC push began exporting its product range. Today more than 90% of all businesses are licenses are sold internationally through a network of 16 international offices. With global offices in the U.S. Florida, California, Germany, Poland, UK, Benelux, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, France, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland and Mexico.

With this extension OneCNC is well placed for further local and global expansion.

Today, more than 18,000 customers around the world use OneCNC often considered an important part of the CNC technology.

OneCNC CAD / CAM mainly found in the form, mold Automotive Packaging aerospace defense and medical.

Today OneCNC is a provider of high technology products that are essential to the success of thousands of companies worldwide from small to large and across many aspects of the production.

OneCNC Australia 
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Queensland, Australia 
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OneCNC sets Haas ST 30Y lathe to Work

OneCNC UK sets the HAAS ST 30Y through the Steps in configuring the machine post. This is a brilliant new multi-function machine from Haas Automation. 

Haas Automation UK and OneCNC UK technical experts came together to the post for this machine, the normal 2-axis turning and C-axis milling with Y-axis milling are combined to provide a powerful and effective combination comprises vote.

The Team
Here we see Peter Gillespie OneCNC Parrot with Rob and Adam Cole from Haas Automation, with its rich experience in the definition of C + Y OneCNC Haas lathe post for this machine.

To assess the contribution configure the machine and software is put through the full sequence of functions to ensure the mail and machine work properly. OneCNC lathe machine now offers a complete compatibility with this device.

Here you can see perform on a large part in the testing and adjusting the post and test the various Lathe C-axis and Y-axis milling milling functions was.

If you want to contact your local Haas Factory Outlet more information about this machine. For more information about the software to run these OneCNC machine, please contact your nearest office OneCNC.

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OneCNC at Austech 2011


OneCNC exhibited at Austech 2011 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia.

Austech is Australia's premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. Austech is the only show that specifically targeted in metal processing, machine tool and ancillary market held in Australia annually.

Owned and operated by Amtil Austech covers the key areas of the machine tool and metal processing machinery industries.

It was a very busy show for OneCNC and one of the most successful shows OneCNC.


Of particular interest and success OneCNC was multi-axis solutions with additional interest on the boom of mining.

For product information please contact:

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