OneCNC Releases Automated 3D model to 2D CAD

OneCNC development team has surprised the industry with the release of an automated 3D model to 2D paper space CAD drawing.

This unique automated procedure also contains user controlled hidden lines detail and sectional hatching. The paper-space drawing is totally associated to the model and any modifications to the model can be automatically updated in all the views of the paper-space with a single click. Only minimal user interaction is required to instantly produce professional 2D prints of modeled parts.

File handling is kept to a minimum because the paper-space drawing is also  contained in the original model file allowing dates user access and part information to be automatically passed to the paper space drawing.

For a personal demonstration of this new module that is included as standard in the OneCNC design software or added as an extra module to the OneCNC systems that include the modeling ability.

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OneCNCXR3 Multi-Axis Increases Efficiency

With the recent release of OneCNCXR3 New simulation and rest verification the traditional barriers that only so-called high-end CAD-CAM could include such major features were removed.

OneCNCXR3 now includes full metal removal and rest simulation in all Mill, Lathe, and Mill-Turn products including multi-axis as standard. With OneCNCXR3 no extra modules or third party add on products are required, all features are seamlessly included.

The benefits of OneCNCXR3 multi axis include:

  1. Full solids based metal removal simulation
  2. Full solids based part, machine and fixture preview
  3. Full solids based part rest verification
  4. Hole feature recognition on all planes
  5. High speed 2D and 3D machining
  6. High speed 2D and 3D rest re-machining
  7. Solids and multi-surface roughing and finishing
  8. Machine wireframe geometry
  9. Automated un-wrap function
  10. Wrap a toolpath around a diameter using wrap machining
  11. Automated smart plane position recognition
  12. Machine from stock model

Here we showcase some of the OneCNCXR3 4 xis machining features.

OneCNCXR3 4 Axis Positional machining:

OneCNCXR3 4 Axis Simultaneous machining:

OneCNCXR3 4 Axis Wrap Machining:

For any further information on OneCNCXR3 Multi-Axis machining or details on any of the OneCNC products contact your OneCNC sales office and find out just how competitive the software solutions are.

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OneCNCXR3 shows how to use "All the Tool"

If you want to dramatically increase manufacturing efficiency - OneCNCXR3 CAD-CAM is what you need.

OneCNCXR3 HS Z level roughing is CNC machining technology at it's best. This highly efficient method of metal removal has users talking right around the globe.

Utilizing a combination of "usable tool flute length" and much higher than conventional machining feeds roughing operations are achieved with much higher metal removal rates.

This is made possible with OneCNC due to the unique control of the cutting path to ensure that the tool is not loaded more than a specified amount. Even between islands there are no areas of greater tool loading and this enables the user to use much higher settings than otherwise possible yet allowing greater tool life and easier on the machine.

The OneCNCXR3 2D and 3D HS roughing strategies combined with automatic rest functionality allow the user to use a larger tool for faster removal and then use a smaller tool to finish the the parts the larger tool could not complete.

Here we see an example of using much more of the tool flute length.

This is provided by a OneCNCXR3 user who provides efficient programs to machine shops in Germany.









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