OneCNCXR3 Demonstrates Performance Machining

OneCNCXR3 Milling Versions are performance enhanced in all levels to give users optimal competitive ability.


At a recent in-house Manufacturing Efficiency Workshop at Haas Automation Ltd, Whiteacres Ind. Park, Whetstone, Liecester, LE8 6ZG UK manufacturers were invited to see the benefits of running a Haas machine to maximum efficiency.

It was shown that using new or older machines with OneCNCXR3 costing less than £2,000 has machining strategies that give the capability of enhancing 2D and 3D cutting efficiency saving up to 50% in machine time. This could not have been achieved before without spending at least £10,000.

The combination of OneCNCXR3 utilizing tooling from M.A. Ford on a Haas VF3 machine was used to demonstrate this efficient fast metal removal machining that it offers.

Those invited were able to see live demonstrations of OneCNCXR3 and witness the parts being machined on Haas machines.

Experts were on hand from Haas, OneCNC and MA ford to show the techniques to increase tool life whilst improving the machining and programming times by as much as 50%

All OneCNC global offices would welcome inquires from manufacturers wanting to achieve this sort of efficiency gain.

OneCNCXR3 Lathe Mill Turn Pre-Release

OneCNC today announced the pre-release to limited users of OneCNCXR3 Lathe Mill Turn product. The product has been in BETA for several months and it is still expected to be on track for release end of January 2009.

Well you can see this completed part.


This was created and programmed by Neil from OneCNC Benelux as a test in the BETA stage of development.

OneCNCXR3 Releases High Speed Performance machining

OneCNCXR3 the next generation of our popular program is about to surface. OneCNCXR3 is about delivering an even greater level of technology to provide a new level of efficiency for the user.

A new discussion forum has been opened in preparation for the release of information about this exciting new product range. 

We expect to release OneCNCXR3 milling versions during the next month

OneCNCXR3 brings with it a new level of machining performance. Designed for new and existing machines has proven to supply an efficiency gain of 40% on existing CNC machine equipment.








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