OneCNC Beneleux, Hurco GmbH and Hagro Precise BV invite you to attend a OneCNC Seminar.

OneCNC Beneleux, Hurco GmbH and Hagro Precise BV invite you to attend OneCNC a seminar. This seminar will be explaining the benefits and use of the new HS strategy for milling and demonstrated on Hurco machines with tooling from Hagro Precision BV.

For pre-milling or rough machining, it is important to remove as much material as possible in the shortest possible time. This seminar will be demonstrating the high milling Material Removal Rate (MRR) using maximum machining efficiency with reduced machine time. The demonstration will show this high material removal rate can be obtained while maintaining part quality and longevity of the machine and extending the tool life of tools. 

Additionally OneCNC Benelux will show in more detail the advantages of CAM programming, which will show the simplicity of using this advanced technology as well as reducing your programming time.

July 3, 2014 from 12:30 to 17:00 hours.

Where is the seminar being held? 
In Schaijk where Hagro Precision Ltd have a well-equipped demonstration room and facilities to demonstrate how using CAD-CAM and a CNC machining centre can improve your efficiency and profitability.

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OneCNC at National Manufacturing Week


OneCNC Australia exhibited at the National Manufacturing Week in Sydney Australia.

The exhibition which was held in conjunction with Ausplas was at the Sydney Show Ground Olympic Park 13 - 16 May 2014

The Sydney show did not include the Austech this year therefore it was much smaller.


OneCNC Australia had a very successful week being basically the only CAD CAM developer represented at the show of more than 400 Exhibitors.

There is quite a move in Australia to improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs and OneCNC was pleased to be involved in this exhibition.


OneCNC showcased the new OneCNCXR6 which is due for release shortly which great interest was shown in the new features of this new release.

OneCNC Australia
65 Gordon Street
Ormiston, Queensland
Australia 4160

OneCNC UK Exhibits at MACH2014


OneCNC UK Exhibited at the recent MACH2014 show at the NEC Birmingham UK  7-11 April 2014

It was great to be at MACH 2014 and witness the continued resurgence of the UK engineering and manufacturing community. The show was very positive with great enthusiasm and this year saw technology interest take a further leap, with many engineering firms moving ahead by replacing their dated machinery and CAD-CAM with the cutting-edge technology.  

OneCNC In terms of our own technology, we displayed our new soon to be released OneCNCXR6 with new unique machining tool path ability collision checking and new metal removal simulation as well as many other new features.


OneCNCXR6 demonstrating how its new updated tools are even faster with collision checking added to the  already renowned  ease of use all proved to be of great interest to users.

The revolutionary too paths Area Machining and Constant Offset also proved to be of great interest on the stand. Designed to maximise finish machining ability as well as simplify the process.

OneCNC UK had application engineers on hand from UK USA and Australia to demonstrate first-hand the features and advantages of the software.

If you were there you may have seen that the stand was so busy and if you missed the opportunity of having a demonstration of the software please call for an on-line demonstration at a time to suit.

James House
Newport Road
United Kingdom
Ph + 44 (0) 1902373054








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