OneCNCXR6 Product Release

OneCNC Product Release Announcement


OneCNC is proud to announce OneCNCXR6 as a new version of the software is currently in BETA testing prior to release to new customers or existing users.

OneCNC plans to have a sneak preview of OneCNCXR6 available at the MACH2014 exhibition in Birmingham in April 7 – 11 2014.

OneCNCXR6 presently being BETA tested and due to be released shortly and is to be highlighted on stand 5764 in Hall 5 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK from 7-11 April 2014.

OneCNC’s Marketing Manager Jake Dewar says: There are many exclusive new features in OneCNCXR6 including 2D and 3D total collision checking for tooling and machined parts. This is totally integrated with the Tool Library, and the Holder Library. OneCNCXR6 continues the tradition of having a free maintenance plan for the life of the software ensuring that the software is kept up-to-date with free downloads and support from the update server. OneCNCXR6 is the most technologically advanced release developed in the 30 plus years history. OneCNC is supporting all users who have purchased New OneCNC systems since the 1st March 2014 an automatic free upgrade to the equivalent OneCNCXR6 version when released.

Amongst the new and enhanced functionality available in OneCNCXR6: 

OneCNCXR6 utilizes the latest Windows 8 technologies including native 64-bit support for users of the 64-bit version of Windows resulting in superior performance, especially when working on large or complex designs. OneCNC understands that many users in manufacturing still use Windows XP and still supports these users with an automated installation of 32 Bit versions.

OneCNCXR6 is designed to take advantage of the latest multi-core systems. Multi-core depending on the operating system support can dramatically increase speeds generation of some complex tool paths and is beneficial not only when generating multiple operations or performing simulation tasks, but also when generating a single tool paths.

All of this happens from an automated installation that checks the operating system being used and installs the most advanced version to suit the Windows version of the user’s PC.

OneCNCXR6 HS Pocketing has been greatly enhanced and now has automated ability for handling pockets where some boundaries are partially open and partially closed.

OneCNCXR6 Feature recognition drilling has been enhanced to automatically handle multiple depths of drilling with the same tool while still maintaining cycle utilization ability.

OneCNCXR6 Simulation has been re-designed and now includes a rich-array of features for checking the machining operation before sending the program to the machine tool. These features include Collision Checking of the tool flank cutting length, the tool length, and holder interference dimensions.


CNCXR6 Simulation has a Dynamic Instant Compare feature to analyse and compare the model of the part being machined to the original model.


OneCNCXR6 is designed to generate the smoothest tool paths possible from the model resulting in reduced machining time, improved surface quality, less tool wear and extended machine tool life. OneCNC features innovative tool path strategies, like HS Milling, that typically reduces roughing time by a factor of 70% or more compared to conventional roughing, and increases tool life by as much as 50% depending on material hardness.


OneCNCXR6 has new Finishing Tool Paths that are set to revolutionize the ability of finish machining 3D models with a unique method of automated 3D offset boundary tool paths. Singular or multiple surfaces of a model can be selected for constant offset machining without the need to create boundaries. OneCNCXR6 automatically creates these 3 D offset boundaries so that the whole area right to the edge is machined. This now makes it possible to select surfaces and use a different sized tool to the next adjacent surface as an example. OneCNCXR6 also now provides a complete constant offset 3D boundary machining controlled by the part boundary of custom created boundaries.

OneCNCXR6 includes all of the conventional machining strategies including planar, Z Level, pocket, constant offset, radial, spiral and pencil familiar all of these have been enhanced to take advantage of new tolerances optimization and advanced operating systems. OneCNCXR6 has taken these strategies further by refining tolerances and finishes that help to reduce machining time and increase tool and machine tool life.

OneCNCXR6 now contains ability to expand the functionality included into may other areas of CAD and CAM during the life of the software as our current users know OneCNC constantly adds new features and functionality on an ongoing basis.

OneCNC is now a leading CAM solution providing users with productivity, reliability and flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company helps increase profitability.

OneCNC has offices in the UK, Italy, France, Japan, USA Florida, and USA California, Germany, Benelux, Turkey, Denmark, Australia, Poland, Mexico, India, Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Ireland and Indonesia and through this network is currently supplying product to more than 40 countries.

Further announcements will be made when OneCNC is closer to being released

OneCNC Australia

OneCNC Benelux Exhibits at TECHNI-SHOW


The Techni-Show is the largest and most important exhibition in the field of industrial production techniques, processing and treatment of metals, appliances and tools in the Benelux area. The TECHNI-SHOW 2014 attracted more than 40,000 visitors and kept OneCNC Benelux very busy for all the exhibition days.

The ESEF show is also held simultaneously with the Techni-Show. The ESEF 2014 was the largest and most important exhibition in the Benelux area in the field of supply, subcontracting and engineering. In these hectic times, it is extremely efficient for OneCNC to meet up with our entire network and to meet new contacts in just 4 days. the ESEF provides a lot of other associated activities as well. The combination of the Techni-Show and the ESEF showcased all opportunities to the production sector which OneCNC specialises in. 


OneCNC Benelux with experienced engineers covers the area of ​​the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, provides full on-line or on-site training and full support of the entire range of products OneCNC. So if you are in the business of CNC manufacture call OneCNC Benelux for professional attention to your requirements.

For further information on OneCNC products in Benelux contact OneCNC Benelux >>

OneCNC Benelux

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ph:+ 31 (0) 40 22 66 212
fax:+ 31 (0) 40 22 40 794

OneCNC Deutschland Exhibits at METAV


OneCNC Deutschland exhibited at METAV in Dusseldorf Germany 11 - 15 March 2014

All in all, METAV 2014 attracted more than 32,000 trade visitors to Düsseldorf. Most of the German visitors came from the west and north of Germany as well as from adjacent markets. 

With METAV 2014 OneCNC was reaching a large number of our small and medium-sized customers with between 5 and 50 employees in one of the biggest and most important industrial regions of Europe says OneCNC Deutschland by way of summary. 


OneCNC Deutschland was kept very busy during the exhibition and if you were unable to have a personal demonstration of the OneCNC products please contact OneCNC Deutschland.

OneCNC Deutschland offers on-site training as well as on-line training and support for all customers in Germany. If you did not have time to visit the fair and would like to evaluate the OneCNC product contact OneCNC Deutschland.

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