OneCNC Italy to Parma Italy in 2013 MECPSE

OneCNC Italy turned on MECSPE Parma International Exhibition of specialized mechanics begin 27 to 29 March 2013.

MECSPE was an Italian International Exhibition of specialized mechanics and offered a complete overview of all aspects of the Italian industrial production and a comprehensive demonstration of CNC machine tools and related software.


Italy had OneCNC application engineers and Andrew Devis and CEO Bob from Australia OneCNC on hand to demonstrate the full range of software solutions OneCNC.

Of particular interest was the upcoming release of the new multi-axis capabilities. To see was to create 5 axis machining without the need for rails or other dominant geometry, the new automated Swarf. New Features on 4 axles 5 axles were also show for the first time.

In Italy, for an on-site demonstration at your store contact:

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OneCNC Benelux Show at Metaalexpo


OneCNC Benelux attended the Metal Expo 05-07 March 2013 start.

Metal Expo is a leading exhibition, which offers the metal industry in the country of the Netherlands.

On three days of the event, a large number of exhibitors and suppliers shows products and services that are integral part of the exhibition presents.

It was a great opportunity for OneCNC work in the CNC industry to demonstrate and discuss innovations innovations present and future. 
Metal Expo is one of the top exhibitions, which is carried out in the Netherlands for the metalworking industry.

More than 40,000 visitors attended the event, making it a great success.


For a personal demonstration in the Netherlands call >>

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DPNS Racing Parts

DPNS Racing Parts is a specialist design and editor of accessories for racing motorcycles in the Netherlands. DPNS Racing Parts designs and manufactures all kinds of parts for different types of engines, such as road racing, dirt bikes and street fighter.

With an emphasis on design for production, but without compromising on style and aesthetics parts are modeled for in-house CNC machining.

With OneCNC XR5 for modeling and CNC programming are efficiently processed parts for CNC machining centers microns.

Here in the photos shown are the prototypes DPNS racing rear sets for the Ducati Panigale.



DPNS Racing Parts 
Giant Mountains 3 
BA 5508 Veldhoven 


DPNS Racing is proudly powered by OneCNC Benelux support and if you want to be a part of OneCNC Benelux group of customers in the Netherlands, its contact:

OneCNC Benelux 
Mierloseweg 40 
5666 KA Geldrop 

ph + 31 (0) 40 22 66 212 
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