OneCNC Deutschland at EMO 2013

OneCNC Deutschland exhibited at the EMO Hannover 2013  16-21 September– the leading international trade fair for the machine tool industry – came to a successful close on Saturday, 21 September.

This year's EMO raised the bar in all areas with more visitors, more business and more international participation impressively underscoring the event's status as the world's premier trade fair for the international metalworking industry. From 16 to 21 September, over 2,100 exhibitors from 43 different countries were on hand  to showcase their innovations to industrial users from around the world. 

Over the six days of EMO, the Hannover event attracted a total of just under 145,000 trade visitors from over 100 different nations. "Visitors from outside Germany numbered more than 50,000, or one in three. Attendance from Europe was up markedly.

OneCNC had application engineers on hand from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Australia to assist customers from many countries.


If you nwere unable to attend for a personalized demonstration of the OneCNC CAD CAM Solutions we remind you that on-line demonstrations can be aranged at a convenient time so that you can evaluate first hand without leaving your shop. OneCNC Deutchland offers on-site training in your shop manufacturing your parts.

For Further Information Contact >> OneCNC Deutschland

OneCNC production in Surabaya 2013

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OneCNC exhibited in manufacturing Surabaya Indonesia 2013 Trade Show in June.

Surabaya is the capital of East Java, Indonesia's most industrialized province with a regional GDP of U.S. $ 68 billion, which grew by more than 6% last year. With a population of over 38 million, the country is a regional market together greater than Malaysia and Singapore. Trading and manufacturing accounts for 58% of GDP in the region and these sectors have a targeted annual growth rate of 6.5%. 

The region's major industrial event is Manufacturing Surabaya which highlights the opportunities in the province's major industrial sectors - Machine Tool & Welding, Marine & Shipbuilding, industrial automation, automotive, packaging and plastics and energy.

OneCNC Indonesia was established recently in Indonesia and the fair offered the opportunity to enter the field of OneCNC products manufacturing industry show in Surabaya. 


Indonesia is a neighbor of Australia and a significant economic factor and regional partner for Australia. Two-way trade in goods and services reached $ 15000000000 anually, so that Indonesia our 12th largest trading partner and 11th largest export market.

OneCNC Indonesia is well equipped to support OneCNC products and provides great opportunities for the region. OneCNC had a very successful show in Surabaya and is looking forward to supplying the many potential customers who visited OneCNC booth during the show.

For more information, please contact:

OneCNC Indonesia 
Siwalankerto 35 
Indonesia 60236 
ph: +62 31 8411187 
ph: +62 31 8411189

OneCNC Australia in 2013 AUSTECH

Austech and National Manufacturing Week together, provided a comprehensive description, which attracted 10,000 + visitors over the 4 days.

The exhibition was held in Melbourne on May 7 to 10 2013 in the exhibition center.

OneCNC Australia showed the complete range of solutions and OneCNC all new Release 5 axis simultaneous capability.

OneCNC application engineers had on hand from Victorian Office NSW office and head office in Brisbane.

OneCNC-australia-at-Austech 2013

If you are not able to get a demonstration of the product on the day and would be a visit by one of our engineers like please contact OneCNC Australia

OneCNC Australia >>> ph 07 32862527








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