OneCNCXR4 CAD-CAM video series

OneCNC has released 3 new videos in a series showing the function procedure of the software. The series is a short overview of part of the OneCNCXR4 functionality and how it is used. The OneCNCXR4 video series displays some of the extensive functionality that the software includes for such an unbelievable price.

OneCNCXR4 Part 1 of 3 video which is mainly about the interface and how user friendly it is.

OneCNCXR4 Part 2 of 3 video is more about the geometry creation, surfacing and modeling.

OneCNCXR4 Part 3 of 3 video is an introduction the CAM functionality and posting the code for your CNC machine.

This series is an introduction to the functionality of OneCNC and your inquiries on how you could apply this system to your products would be welcomed at any of the global offices.

For a full in-depth look at the OneCNCXR4 and further details on the complete range of OneCNC contact the local OneCNC office:

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OneCNC Releases Automated 3D model to 2D CAD

OneCNC development team has surprised the industry with the release of an automated 3D model to 2D paper space CAD drawing.

This unique automated procedure also contains user controlled hidden lines detail and sectional hatching. The paper-space drawing is totally associated to the model and any modifications to the model can be automatically updated in all the views of the paper-space with a single click. Only minimal user interaction is required to instantly produce professional 2D prints of modeled parts.

File handling is kept to a minimum because the paper-space drawing is also  contained in the original model file allowing dates user access and part information to be automatically passed to the paper space drawing.

For a personal demonstration of this new module that is included as standard in the OneCNC design software or added as an extra module to the OneCNC systems that include the modeling ability.

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OneCNC Launches new web and product range

OneCNC simultaneously launches new product line and web.

OneCNC continues the tradition of leading the development of CAD-CAM products. The latest release further defines the efficiency that can be obtained using OneCNC.

OneCNCXR4 includes support for the latest Windows 7 platforms, additional tool path strategies and functionality, as well as improvements to roughing and rest roughing tool paths. 

New strategies include corner rounding, thread milling, 5 axis simultaneous machining, undercut machining all enhance tool path quality and ability. OneCNC has increased the number and range of functionality to enhance these functions including 5-axis machining with innovative collision avoidance methods and tool holder options helping users to produce better quality parts in the shortest possible times at the lowest possible cost.

With the large number of extra improvements developed for OneCNCXR4, it is now even easier than ever before to perform complex programming operations.

Details of the major features of the OneCNCXR4 can be found here.

Link>> OneCNCXR4 Release.


For a personal viewing of OneCNC call one of the OneCNC offices found here.

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