Nara Intitute of Industrial Technology - Japan

The Nara Institute of Industrial Technology in Japan was the forum for a recent CAD/CAM/CAE seminar.

OneCNC Japan had the opportunity to showcase the OneCNC Mill Professional product or a one hour presentation to the audience in attendance at this seminar.

The theme of the OneCNC presentation was based around demonstrating the fast and automated processing and the fast machining methods of the OneCNC HSM milling ability compared to traditional methods of machining.

The advantages of OneCNC HSM high speed tool paths were shown with great interest to the audience which consisted of a cross section of the manufacturing industry as well as other vendors in the industry. The keen interest and questions from the audience showed that they were very interested and visibly impressed by the OneCNC presentation.

OneCNC thanks go to the center and the staff for the opportunity to showcase the OneCNC product at this seminar.

OneCNC Exhibits at Euromold 2009

At Euromold 2009 OneCNC was busy demonstrating the product features of the software and especially the HS machining included as a standard feature in all the milling systems. Many customers are surprised to see that it is a standard feature of the software rather than having to purchase 3rd party add-on components at added costs. OneCNC also demonstrated some of the new features 5 axis simultaneous features of the software soon to be released.


The show was very busy and here we see Uwe from OneCNC Germany demonstrating the software at the show.


Here we see Stephan from OneCNC Germany demonstrating the software and on the left is Uwe OneCNC Germany also demonstrating and at the rear terminal Michael from OneCNC Germany demonstrating the key features of the software.


As well as demonstrating the OneCNC features at shows on-line demonstrations can be arranged by contacting all OneCNC global offices.

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