Efficient Verspanen 2007

OneCNC Benelux exhibited at the Efficient Verspanen show 9-10 October 2007. The exhibition was held at Koningshof in Veldhoven Netherlands.

Neil OneCNC Benelux and Uwe OneCNC Germany attended this show.


EMO Hannover 2007

The six-day EMO Hannover 2007 exhibition ended on Saturday to a shower of accolades. This was because there were more exhibitors, more visitors, more international flair. And this, despite the shortened shortened exhibition by two days from previous.

166,500 visitors came to Hannover, Germany between the dates of 17 and 22 September to buy machines, look at CAD/CAM place orders and find out about the latest developments in the world of metal-working. This represented an increase of 4 percent over the previous event two years ago, when EMO ran for a total of eight days.

The number of exhibitors 2,120 exhibitors from 42 different countries was up five percent, and the amount of occupied floor space was also up by 12 percent, reaching a total volume of 180,158 net square meters.

In attendance on the OneCNC exhibition was Uwe OneCNC Germany, Stephan OneCNC Germany, Sebastian OneCNC Poland, Neil OneCNC Benelux, Allan OneCNC Denmark and Bob OneCNC Australia.


Here we see Stephan OneCNC Poland (left) demonstrating the OneCNC features.


Allan OneCNC Denmark (center) doing a demonstration for customers.


Here Uwe OneCNC Germany is demonstrating creating a customers model and machining it.


Stephan OneCNC Germany (right) is seen here demonstrating OneCNC features.


Here Neil OneCNC Benelux (second left) and Uwe OneCNC Germany (third left) doing a combined demonstration.


Euromold International Show 2006

The Euromold International Show November 29 - December 02, 2006

Show Facts
Location: Exhibition Center - Frankfurt, Germany
Website: www.euromold.com
Frequency: Annual Show
No. Of Exhibitors 2006: 1674
Show Floor Area 2006: 80,050 sq. m.
Visitors 2006: 60,400 from 80 countries

This was the second year in a row for paticipation by OneCNC Germany. Uwe OneCNC Germany, Stepahn OneCNC Germany, Sebastian OneCNC Poland, Allan OneCNC Denmark and Bob from OneCNC Australia were on hand to demonstrate the new features of OneCNCXR2 at the show.

Here we see Allan OneCNC Denmark (left) demonstrating OneCNC products.


Here Sebastian OneCNC Poland demonstration the new ability of OneCNCXR2 at the show.


Here we see Uwe hard at it often before during and after the show specialised on-line technical support for customers is done as if it was a normal day at the office.


Here we see Stephan OneCNC Germany (left) demonstrating the new features of OneCNCXR2 to a customer.


OneCNC booth is on the right and the booth opposite we were not sure if the wall graphic was because OneCNC was the most competitive and most active at the show.









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