METAV2006 Dusseldorf Germany

The METAV2006 was held in Dusseldorf 20th to 24th June 2006.

At this year’s METAV Düsseldorf 47,500 trade visitors made for a busy show. There were 925 exhibitors from 21 countries and the quality of visitors was high and OneCNC concluded more deals than expected. We believe most exhibitors were satisfied with how the trade fair went because it was quite busy each day. We would have liked to see even more visitors however with the World Cup on at the same time obviously many people went into the stadiums or or stayed to watch it on TV.

In attendance from OneCNC was Uwe OneCNC Germany, Stephan OneCNC Germany, Allan OneCNC Denmark and Bob from OneCNC Australia.


Here Allan OneCNC Denmark (left) is off to an early start demonstrating to a customer while Uwe OneCNC Germany Is behind on another PC demonstrating also.


Multu Axis machining was a popular request at the show and we see Uwe OneCNC Germany (center) demonstrating OneCNCXR2 5 axis to customers.


Stephan OneCNC Germany (center) is shown here demonstrating the benefits of OneCNC to customers.


MACH2006 Birmingham UK

MACH2006 15th-19th May 2006 is the UK's largest anual exhibition for manufacturing technologies, attracting over 20,000 visitors. The exhibition included the showcase for Excellence in UK Manufacturing Technology and Innovation

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), which organized the MACH2006 exhibition held in Birmingham, UK, in May, released official attendance figures for the event. MTA reports that MACH2006 attracted 22,742 visitors, compared with 20,809 in 2004, for an increase of 9.2%. MACH is the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event encompassing metal-cutting and metal-forming machine tools along with ancillary and related products and services. The number of exhibitors at the show also rose, from 480 in 2004 to 538 this year.

In attendance for this show was Neil OneCNC UK, Peter OneCNC UK, Cassy OneCNC UK, Uwe OneCNC Germany and Bob from OneCNC Australia.


Here we see Peter OneCNC UK (third from left) doing a demo for customer while Neil OneCNC UK (second from left) answering the sales questions.


Here is Uwe OneCNC Germany (left) practicing his English and doing a demonstration for a customer.


This is interesting we have Rob HaasCNC UK (right) doing a demo Of OneCNCXR2 to 2 other sales guys from HaasCNC UK (left).


Sampson Plastics One Stop Service

One stop "Art to Part" service

Increasing numbers of companies are finding that customers want to send drawings and design data via broadband e-mail - or by post on a disc. It also seems that advances in CAD/CAM technology have filtered down to all sectors of industry, and if businesses do not have a grasp of this technology, it is likely that they will lose work. One small company to appreciate this fact is Ashford-based Sampson Plastics, which not only has a grasp of current technology, but is also maximizing its potential by producing tooling and moulds at very competitive prices - and it winning additional work as a result.


When company director Dave Sampson first invested in a popular CAD/CAM system a few years ago, he found that it was not the highly productive tool he had anticipated; and when an upgrade package also fell significantly short of his expectations, he sought an alternative system.It was only when Mr Sampson began using this new software that the benefits of CAD/CAM really became apparent; the replacement was a modular suite of software from OneCNC UK.


This software - the sixth generation from OneCNC, known as XR2 - is fully integrated and unified, and it uses CAM 'wizards' for all toolpath-related operations. These guide the programmer through the process of setting up the tooling and toolpath strategies that are necessary for the efficient machining of anything from a simple two-axis job right up to five-axis positional work. Sampson Plastics' CAD/CAM programmer, Richard Austen, is putting the software's features to good use as part of the company's one-stop 'art to part' service.


In fact, most of the injection-moulded part and tool design that Mr Austen undertakes has come as a direct result of the company being able to approach customers with a viable proposition for updating their product lines. "However, achieving this enviable position is only possible because the software is intuitive and productive, to the extent that redesigning tooling and moulds can now be done at a very competitive price, which was not the case previously," says Mr Austen.

Sampson Plastics
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