OneCNC has arrived in Barcelona

OneCNC Spain has been established for all sales and support for Spain 
and Portugal.  


Josep Soler has for many years been involved in the CAD-CAM industry as head and owner of SAMEC S.L. Spain.
Josep now has the task of heading OneCNC Spain with the territory of both Spain and Portugal.
Josep will welcome the opportunity to discuss the supply and support for all the OneCNC Products.

 Josep can be contacted at the following address and phone numbers.

OneCNC Spain Website

OneCNC Spain Office
Avda. Antonio Gaudí, 15 local 2

OneCNC R&D Having a Ball

OneCNC Research and Development has been having a real ball.

OneCNC Research and Development team over the past 2 years has continued development in 5 axis machining tool paths.
As part of this development many part examples have been created and machined by our engineers in the process.
This is part of the process used in testing and proving the practical results by actually machining components.
To prove the full development from model creation through to testing of the machined component it was chosen to create a spherical soccer ball for this test.
Rather than just CNC lathe turning a sphere and grooving it like a soccer ball it was decided to create the ball using a CNC machining centre.
This required modelling a hexagonal and polygon piece to be used to form the ball.
The segments were then assembled by rotation and copying around an axis to completely form the ball.
This was to test the original model segments and then test the rotation and copying of the components of the ball.
The required CNC tool paths were then created for the machining process in the 5 axis machining centre.

This graphic shows the completed model of segment pieces formed to create the soccer ball model.


This graphic shows the segments of hexagonal and polygon pieces being rotated and assembled around a common axis to form the soccer ball model.


The soccer ball was then CNC programmed in OneCNC to create roughing, semi-finishing and finishing tool paths
The completed toolpaths were electronically transferred to the machining centre for machining from a piece of solid aluminium bar stock.

Here we show the solid bar stock being machined in a 5 axis simultaneous Hermle Machining Centre.


After the machining was completed the finished ball was transferred to our Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machine for accuracy validation.
The completed ball was measured and found to be within the '004 mm machining tolerance as set in OneCNC when creating the CNC tool paths.

This graphic shows the machined ball being tested for accuracy


To enable our test and validation to be kept as proof of accuracy and evidence of our research and development we mounted the ball on a stand for keeping in our technical centre in Brisbane.

This graphic shows the completed ball anodised and mounted on a stand.


OneCNC filmed the process of creating the soccer ball and the machining process to create the final part as shown in this video.

For further information on OneCNC products or information on machining 5 axis simultaneous please contact your local OneCNC Office.

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OneCNC Deutschland Exhibited at Euromold 2015 September 22 - 25

Euromold 2015 was in Düsseldorf for the first time at this new location. The message was clear; that 3D printing or additive manufacturing will remain a focus of the show which tries to reinvent itself, concentrating on future technologies and tool and mould makers who adopt additive manufacturing technologies.


For Demat as promoters of this exhibition it was an ambitious show organiser to change cities from Frankfurt to Dussledorf however with 453 exhibitors for the first time at this location for  the 22nd edition of Euromold has a way to go to get back to the previous amount of exhibitors. For OneCNC Deutschland the new location proved to be an overall success with many orders and new enquiries over each of the days..


OneCNC was busy demonstrating the complete range of solutions to prospective and existing customers and if you were unable to get a one on one demonstration please contact OneCNC Deutschland so this can be arranged online for you.

For Further Information Contact >> OneCNC Deutschland