OneCNC XR7 リリースについて

  11月 25 2016

この度OneCNCシリーズの新製品 「OneCNC XR7」がリリースされました。


特に製造現場での生産効率の改善を実現することを目標にActive Cut Technologyをコンセプトとして開発されており、 システム全体にわたり技術的に大きな改良が加えられた新製品となります。

旧製品をお使いのお客様は、以下をご覧いただき ぜひXR7へのアップグレードをご検討ください。

主な機能強化項目 :

        • 新しいグラフィカルユーザーインターフェイスで作業領域を最大限に広く活用
        • 寸法線コマンドの強化(スタイル、公差、他)
        • ポケット加工の進入位置を自由に指定可能に
        • 大規模文字セット(Unicode)の導入により、日本語フォントの扱いに完全対応
        • 64bit OSにおけるツールパス計算時間の大幅な高速化を実現
        • 工具送り速度の自動最適化機能(コーナー減速)
        • スマートセレクション(選択機能の強化)により重複要素の削除などが簡単に
        • その他、多数・・・
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OneCNC has arrived in Barcelona

  11月 01 2016

OneCNC Spain has been established for all sales and support for Spain 
and Portugal.  


Josep Soler has for many years been involved in the CAD-CAM industry as head and owner of SAMEC S.L. Spain.
Josep now has the task of heading OneCNC Spain with the territory of both Spain and Portugal.
Josep will welcome the opportunity to discuss the supply and support for all the OneCNC Products.

 Josep can be contacted at the following address and phone numbers.

OneCNC Spain Website

OneCNC Spain Office
Avda. Antonio Gaudí, 15 local 2

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OneCNC Italy Exhibited at BI-MU Milan Italy

  10月 10 2016


BI-MU has always been the only Italian trade show capable of drawing the attention of international public

During its 30th edition,it hosted about twenty qualified foreign delegationsfor a total of around 200 operators from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Palestine, Iraq, Uzbekistan, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

30.BI-MU was held from Tuesday 4 to Saturday 8 October 2016 at the Milan Fieramilano


OneCNC were very pleased with the attendance and the interest in the products.

Existing users had the opportunity to view the new upcoming range of products.


OneCNC Italy was kept busy with new potential customers as well as existing customers looking to upgrade their OneCNC to the latest version.

If you missed a demonstration to see the unique advantages of the latest OneCNC CAD CAM solutions you can contact OneCNC Italy for a personalized demonstration.

OneCNC Italy
Via Bassano del Grappa, 48/G
36030 Sarcedo (VI)
ph: + 39 393 438 3373

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